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OpenTech Summit - Blockchains for Shared Mobility

Connected Mobility - Distributed Mobility

The event in Open Space format is part of the ShareTech2017 on 28th September 2017 at the HOLM in Frankfurt a.M.

Time: 10-18 Uhr

Participants' contributions and questions are welcome and contribute to the program of the day.

Blockchain-Technology offers Opportunities:

  • Illustration of contracts or tickets
  • Storage of usage
  • Determination of capacity
  • Mediation of demands

We discuss the risks of:

  • Trackability of users
  • Manipulation of Blockchain

We ask ourselves questions:

  • How do distributed models in car-sharing look like?
  • Etherium and Bitcoin show how blockchain can secure transaction security between thousands of network subscribers. What opportunities does this technology provide for the mobilization of mobility capacities?
  • The use of shared resources places high demands on the design of contracts. What possibilities do decentralized real-time databases provide here?

Blockchains are exciting for:

  • station-based car-sharing
  • FreeFloating/Instant Access car-sharing
  • p2p car-sharing
  • car-sharing as decentralized autonomous organization
  • connected vehicles
  • electromobility

Further information on prices and registration can be found here.

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Contact us at:

Yan t Minagawa
Phone: +49 175 5550564
E-Mail: t(at)c-base.org